Jason Moore – 6 Months of Sax

My friend Jason Moore has started an online program for intermediate and beginning players. He produces quality content. I recommend checking this out:

Jason Moore

From Jason’s website:

I’ve been listening to students for years and years now, and I’ve begun to notice a pattern in what you tell me. You’re over scheduled, over worked, and overwhelmed by all that you want to learn about music and the saxophone. Time in the practice room often feels like you’re just spinning your wheels but not really getting anywhere. You’re making time to practice, but your unsure of exactly how to use that time. 
I’ve got just the thing to help. Six Months of Saxophone!
Think of this as a long semester of in depth saxophone study.

Six Months of Saxophone is a growing library of video saxophone lessons focused on both beginners and intermediate players who want to make the most out of their practice time. People like you!
This material works as a standalone course, but really shines in conjunction with weekly lessons.  This is for the people who believe that investing quality time in practice will yield the results they desire.
I promise that using the instructional material in the Six Months of Saxophone course will help you to get those results and more. You’ll know how and what to practice. You will gain the confidence you desire to better express yourself musically!
From now until January 12th, you can get the Six Months of Saxophone course for $297. That’s only slightly more than the cost of one month of lessons. Once you purchase the course, all of the material posted within the course’s run will be available to you forever. 
After January 12th, enrollment for this course will be closed
Each month of practice is laid out for you in advance, there is no question of what to do or when to do it. In fact, there’s no question of how to do it either. Each video is designed such that you practice along with me. I explain what we’re going to play, then we play it together. You can repeat them as many times as you like. No matter what your level of skill is, use of this material is guaranteed to improve your saxophone playing and general knowledge of music. 
Topics covered:

  • Tone production (this will be an ongoing series. Teaching this is a specialty of mine and I’m very excited for this.)
  • 12 Major scales
  • 12 Minor scales
  • In depth study of one Jazz tune per month
  • Practical theory and harmony

While the subject matter is definitely important, the focus here is to teach students how to practice effectively. By building good habits, I hope to help create a culture of healthy and effective practice. I aim to do this by providing clear and positive example that can be consumed time and time again with these lessons.

Examples of the high-quality material I’ve created: https://practicewithme.net/free-video-1/?ref=1
Behind the Scenes: Six Months of Saxophone:https://practicewithme.net/free-video-1-2/?ref=1 
You can join by clicking the button at either of the links above, or by going directly —–>https://practicewithme.net/join-six-months-saxophone/?ref=1<——
Thank you for reading! I’m looking forward to this semester of goal reaching study!

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