Book: Major Triads

I finished a new book recently which is a very in depth study of the major triad.

The major triad, built off the naturally occurring overtone series, is one of the most common melodic and harmonic structures found in nearly all types of music.  A strong grasp of the major triad, in all of its inversions (root, 1st and 2nd), in all 6 orders of notes (1-3-5, 1-5-3, 3-1-5, 3-5-1, 5-1-3, 5-3-1) and in both spread and closed position will give the improvising artist, the composer and the performer a undeniable leverage point to help improve his or her musical abilities and ear.

Major Triad Mastery

Strong melodies and harmonic voicing are often simple embellishments of major triads and through a detailed study of triadic shapes one of basic schematics of melody harmony can be strengthened and expanded upon.

By playing through this book of studies and by singing, visualizing, memorizing and otherwise  fully grasping the major triad in it’s many forms, one should see steady and marked improvement in ones ear, musical skills and freedom on their instrument.  I believe that the study of the basic melodic and harmonic building blocks of music represent a fulcrum which allows for general improvement in all other musical areas.

Triad Book exerpt.musx


This book is designed to help facilitate a mastery of all major triads in both closed and spread positions, in all inversions, in all keys and all 6 orders of notes or arpeggiations.  The triadic shapes either ascend or descend chromatically making each melodic sound easier to hear and transpose through all 12 keys. I hope the material helps to transform your playing, hearing and theoretical knowledge in a positive direction.  You can purchase the PDF for $4.99 below:

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