Josh Welchez "Lost and Found"

Josh Welchez Lost And Found cover

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Josh Welchez, a fantastic Los Angeles based trumpet player, composer and educator, has recorded and released his debut album.  It was a pleasure to play with Josh and I hope we can record again in the future.

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The recording was done on the July 30th, 2007 at Nolan Shaheed’s studio in Pasadena California.

Mixing and Mastering was done by Jazz Collective Records engineer Matt Otto.

The album includes:

Josh Welchez: Trumpet

Matt Otto: Tenor Sax

Joe Bagg: Piano

Mark Ferber: Drums

Ryan McGillicuddy: Bass

Track listing:

1.) What Democracy’ 04 (by Matt Otto)

2.) Lost and Found (by Josh Welchez)

3.) Lennie’s Pennies (L. Tristano)

4.) Broken Bottle (by Matt Otto)

5.) Slow Your Roll (by Josh Welchez)

6.) Pannonica (T. Monk)

7.) The Kahns (by Josh Welchez)

8.) Bethany And Alex (by Joe Bagg)

9.) Nobody Else But Me (J. Kern)



~ Enjoy!

Album Art:

Josh Welchez "Lost and Found" cover
Josh Welchez “Lost and Found” cover
Lost And Found Insert
Josh Welchez “Lost and Found” Insert
Lost And Found Back
Josh Welchez “Lost and Found” back