Daily Practice 13: Triads in Scales

Here is a short  routine I came up with that covers all diatonic triads in all inversions through of the main scale types.
The scales are Major, Harmonic minor, Melodic minor and Harmonic Major (Major with a b6 or b13). The triad notes are ordered in broken arpeggios only (skipping between voices or chord tones).  I’ve found broken arpeggios to be a bit more challenging and interesting to the ear. For example, C major in root position with a note order or broken arpeggio of 3,1,5 is more difficult than note order or arpeggio 1,3,5 (while keeping the triad in root position). This routine covers all these broken arpeggios in every inversion through these 4 scale types. The PDF’s below are all in C (C major sale, C Harmonic minor scale, C Melodic minor scale and C Harmonic Major scale.  The mp3s can allow you to sing along for ear training.

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melodic minor tiads.musx

Harmonic Major – Diatonic Triads Mp3


Harmonic Minor Triads.musx

Harmonic minor – Diatonic Triads Mp3


Major ScaleTriads.musx

Major Scale – Diatonic Triads Mp3

Melodic Minor Triads.musx

Melodic minor – Diatonic Triads Mp3

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