Lesson 11: Major b9, b13

Finding new ways to construct melodies over a major chord can be challenging as Ionian, Lydian and Lydian augmented seem to dominate the harmonic landscape in major.  This lesson uses a melody that incorporates b9 and  b13 over major.  Although b13 (or #5) can be found in Lydian augmented (the 3rd mode of melodic minor), the 3rd mode of harmonic minor (as well) and in harmonic major (Ionian with a b13), once you add the b9 as well, you end up with a Major synthetic scale (in this case: 1, b9, 3, #11, 5, b13, maj7, 1).  This line can also be played over a dominant 7th or a minor 7th if you lower the 3rd degree a half step.


Lesson 11 major b9 b13 PDF

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