Lesson 17: Intervallic Melody

Using bigger intervals when improvising can help create an interesting contrast to your linear ideas.  This is a melody comprised of a spread triad in 2nd inversion and 2 upper-structure “tensions”; the 11th and the 9th.

These melodies are played in both minor and major (#11).  In C minor  the notes are G, Eb, C (c minor triad in 2nd inversion) and F, and D (the 11th and the 9th).  In C major (#11) the notes are G, E, C (c major triad in 2nd inversion) and F#, and D (#11 and 9th).  The melodies are played as eighths notes, once on the beat and once off the beat (on one and then the “and” of one).    You can displace the rhythm in any number of ways or prolong some of the notes to create a more lyrical statement.  These melodies work well in retrograde as well.


Lesson 17 Intervallic Melody PDF

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