Lesson 25: 13 #11 Displaced

This is a simple dominant 13 (#11) melody played around the circle of fourths starting with concert C13(#11).  This melody could also work over the related ii chord (G-7 for C13#11) in spite of the presence of the natural 7 (the melody will sound fine in this context).  The line is played once on the down beat of “one” and again displaced by one eight note on the “and of one”.  You can rhythmically change or displace this series of pitches in anyway you can think of.  I like working with the melody in triplets as well as eight notes.  By learning to sing this melody slowly over a drone  or while playing the chord at piano you’ll improve and train your ear much faster. Often times our tendency is to “think” our way through the line and the keys, instead, try playing the first note of the new key and than sing the line slowly from that note.  Next try to play the line just like you sang it, slowly by ear.  This will develop your ear faster and condition you to actually use your ear and internal voice when you play.


Lesson 25: 13(#11) Melody Displaced PDF

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