Lesson 29: Major #5 #9 #11

This is a melody taken from the harmonic major scale.  The b6  mode of harmonic major outlines a major 7 chord with a #5, a #9 and a #11.  The melodic line starts with a simple “shell voicing” (the root, major 3rd, and major 7th – i.e. for C major 7 these are the notes C,  E and B).  After the initial shell voicing, a triad pair creates the rest of the contour.  The first is a triad created with the major 7th, the #11 and the #9  (over C major this would be a B major triad).  Next,  a triad is built off the major 3rd, the #5 and the root (over C major 7 this would be a C augmented triad).  These two triads nicely outline the major #5, #9, #11 sound which may come from the b6 mode of harmonic major.  You can improvise with these two triads once you feel comfortable with this simple melody and concept in all the keys.  For more ideas using harmonic major for improvising, reference my book,  Modern Jazz Vocabulary Vol. 1.  Below you’ll find an mp3 example of the exercise played very slow by midi.  You can use this mp3 to sing along with the PDF while visualizing the fingerings.  This is a great way to develop your ears and unify your mind, ears and hands.  It also is great if you suffer from hand or wrist problems such as RSI, you can practice all day without actually playing your instrument.



Lesson 29 Major #5 #9 #11 PDF

Mp3 of melody:



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