Lesson 31: Bach Sing-Play

In lesson 31 we’ll take a small melodic fragment from the Bach 2 part inversions and both play it and sing it through the diatonic chords found in concert Eb major. I enjoy taking a small phrase from any number of sources (Bach, Bird, Bartok, Konitz etc…) and sing it and play it in different keys. I really like the effect this has on both my improvising and my enjoyment of music practice.
This simple melody outlines a triad in first inversion with a chromatic embellishment (lower neighbor tone) and a diatonic passing tone.
After your able to sing and play this melody well in one key, put it through all 12 keys. By singing the material you will train your ear and really gain a deep understanding of the sound and musicality of the idea. Singing and playing a phrase also strengthens the connection between your actual voice/mind and your instrument/fingers which will help your instrument become your voice in a more predominant way. This will help make it enjoyable to work on and allow you to remember and assimilate the material into your improvising vocabulary- weather it be as a shape or a complete melodic statement.


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Bach Melody PDF