~Lesson 90: Blues Tina Brooks

Here’s a nice blue’s idea (or “lick”) played by Tina Brooks (tenor sax) over the chord changes to Confirmation on Jimmy Smith’s album House Party (1958).  The line works well over the first 4 bars of Confirmation’s chord changes but also works well over just one dominant 7th chord (i.e. played over just F7 as apposed to Fmaj, E-7b5, A7b9, D-7, G7).Tina Brooks

Try to sing the melody for a while first until you get it in your ear, than work it out on your instrument and put through the keys.  This melody is a great example of playing a simple blues idea over a complex set of changes in a sophisticated and intelligent way.


Lesson 90 PDF


You can use the Mp3 below to sing along to for ear training or play along to it for pitch and timing.

Lesson 90 Play Along Mp3: