~Lesson 92: the 3rd and 5th

In this lesson we’ll look at using only the 3rd and 5th of each chord in a melodically specific way.  We’ll either play from the 5th of the chord up to the 3rd of the chord (ascending diatonic 6th) or we’ll play from the 3rd down to the 5th of the chord (descending diatonic 6th).  We’ll play these intervals over the chord changes to All The Things You Are.

Lesson 92.mus

For example, on F-7 we’ll either play from the C (the 5th) up to the Ab (the 3rd) or from Ab down to C.  Either the ascending or descending melody or diad will create a diatonic 6th interval (diatonic to the chord of the moment).  Play the material until it’s easy and you can hear, think and play it with little effort.



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Here’s an mp3 midi play along for All The Things You Are slow tempo:

All The Things You Are medium tempo:

All The Things You Are fast tempo:

Video explanation:

A solo improvisation over All The Things You Are  in 7/4 on EWI.