~Lesson 93: Scale Pattern

In this lesson we’ll play a simple scale pattern ascending chromatically through all 12 keys. This is a variation on what is often called “diatonic 3rds” although it’s a little bit harder in that it leaps up or down by diatonic 4th instead by diatonic 2nd (see the PDF below for a clearer understanding). Hanon
We’ll play the pattern in triplets but try it in 8th’s for a variation or in displaced triplets (i.e. starting on the 2nd or 3rd triplet of beat 1). This is a nice melody that should help your general grasp of your major scales and can lead to some interesting new melodic material with a bit of diligent practice. Try to sing the melody over a drone or at the piano first, next put it on your primary instrument.



Lesson 93: Major Scale Pattern PDF


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