Joeless Shoe “Midsole” CD

This is the third album from the jazz trio, JoE-LeSs shOe. The title Midsole makes reference to the fact that the album was recorded during a tour of the Midwest (Kansas City, MO) in the summer of 2013.  It features original compositions by all three members and one cover of the “Theme from the Incredible Hulk” which was written by drummer Jason Harnell’s father, Joe Harnell.  You can preview the tracks and buy the CD or mp3s at CD baby.

Joe Less Shoe

Here’s a short clip of “Joplin” – a song I wrote for the surviors of the Joplin Tornado:

Review from the 2015 March issue of LA Jazz Scene:

“Another local group, Joe-Less Shoe, is a co-op trio consisting of Matt Otto (mostly on tenor), guitarist Jamie Rosenn and drummer Jason Harnell. An adventurous but melodic and often laidback postbop trio, the ensemble sounds very complete despite the lack of bass and piano. The musicians are very good at using space and dynamics while not being shy to express intense passion when it fits the music. On Midsole, they perform ten originals that are often thought-provoking and filled with logical if unpredictable improvisations. Due to its subtlety, variety and quiet spontaneity, this is a CD that rewards repeated listenings. It is certainly well worth checking out as is the group when it performs live. Midsole is available from”

~Scott Yanow

~About Joeless Shoe:

“A bass-less modern jazz trio whose fresh and distinctive approach to group improvisation and original compositions will warm the cockles of your musical soul – featuring Matt Otto (sax), Jamie Rosenn (guitar) and Jason Harnell (drums).”