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This is the first “play along” that I’ve produced for both practicing and teaching. I’ve been using Drones and Pedals with a metronome for years but now I’ve started using this play along for the same basic purposes. The bass player Jeff Harshbarger plays one note (root) for the duration of each excersise while Brian Steever keeps time on the drums. This allows you to practice anything you’d like over the root; a harmony, singing, visulising, scales, tunes, lines, melodies, or free improvisation. I’ve only been using these tracks for a short time and I already find them much more stimulating and inspiring than using the drones alone.

This first CD is in 4/4 time at tempos (80, 120 and 200 bpm) and includes roots in every key. There are several feels, straight, swing, afro-cuban etc… and also a few tracks or drums alone from 80 to 300 bpm. I’ve included a sample track below that you can try out. You can click on the photo to purchase the mp3s from CD baby or send me a modest donation with a message and I’ll email you a link directly.


Free track from the CD:

32 Bars of Swing in C 120 BPM


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~Buy The Bass and Drums Play Along CD~

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~Buy The Bass and Drums Play Along CD~

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