Daily Practice 19: Relative Pitch

This is a supplementary post to Lesson 26.

This skill will help you learn to play what you hear, learn to hear new ideas, melodies and intervals, help you transcribe and help you play by ear over songs that you don’t know and have never played before.

The two tracks below will play random intervals over a concert C drone.  Use relative pitch to figure out the notes pause or rewind the track if you need more time. Start the track at a random point if you begin to memorize the note order.


If this is difficult at first, eventually it will be very easy for you, just do it each day until you feel a bit of mental fatigue.

Click HERE to download piano samples to create your own random intervals.  Each sample is a 10 second note played on piano – play all the mp3s from the folder on shuffle in itunes or windows media player for interval dictation (use with or with out a drone).

Here’s 2 tracks of random intervals without any drone:

You can put on your own drone to think about these intervals in a different key or harmonic context.