Daily Practice 16: 4 Half Dim Modes

Here’s a simple melody that outlines the 4 distinct half diminished modes or scales.

The PDF contains both scale and the melody (which uses the half diminished 7th chord and the 9 and 13 as embellishment).

The modes are:

  1. the 7th mode of the major scale (locrian) which has both a b9 and a b13.
  2. The 6th mode of the melodic minor scale (locrian natural 9) which has a natural 9 and a b13.
  3. The 2nd mode of harmonic minor scale (locrian b9 natural 13).
  4. The 2nd mode of harmonic major scale (locrian natural 9 natural 13).

The mp3 plays through both each scale and each melodic phrase and repeats 8 times.  Use this to sing along with for ear training or to play along with.




Download: PDF 4 half diminished modes.