Daily Practice: 1 Lydian b13 Cycle 5

This is the first in a new series of video “lessons” I’ll be publishing on this blog.  I’ll be sharing the things I’m working on in real time, recording some of my practice time during the day.  I will verbally explain what I’m working on and how I’m thinking about it. There will be mistakes and a certain degree raw, unrefined playing in these videos so it may not be for everyone.  I hope it’s somewhat inspiring in so far as it let’s you know that we’re all working on this art form together and that we’re not alone.

In this first practice video I’m working on a Lydian b13 scale (1, 9, 3, #11, 5, b13, maj7, 1) through the 12 keys and playing it in Cycle 5 (consecutive diatonic 5ths).  For more information on Cycle 5 see my post: Lesson 75.


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