Daily Practice 11: 2nd Inv Triad

Working on triads is something I do frequently as I find it good for my ears, my mind, my technique and my basic understanding of one of the fundamental structures found in both melody and harmony.  Strong melodies and voicings are often an embellishment of a triad, often times a triad with one added note.  Major Triad MasteryIn this video I’m working with a metronome on 4 simple 2nd inversion triad phrases from my book Major Triad Mastery.  Each triad is in 2nd inversion but the notes are played in 4 different orders thus creating 4 distinct triadic melodies.  These are the note orders in 2nd inversion:  1). 1,5,3 alternating with 3,5,1 –  2). 1,3,5 alternating with 5,3,1 – 3). 3,5,1 alternating with 1,5,3 – 4). 5,3,1 alternating with 1,3,5 .  The triads are played with a metronome descending by half step from concert Bb major down through the keys.



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