Daily Practice 21: Fool To Want You

Today I’m working on the first melody of the standard “I’m a Fool to Want You”.  I’m singing the opening phrase at the piano while visualizing the fingerings on saxophone. I’m using the piano to help with my pitch and with hearing the melody clearly.  The phrase in minor is #11, 5, b3, 9, 1 and I work on it around the circle of 4ths starting with C minor. After singing and visualizing the fingerings, I try the melody out on my saxophone to make sure the practice will allow me to play the idea on my horn. This is a fun way to practice melodies, ideas, phrases, tunes, transcriptions etc. It combines ear training with visualization, technique and performance.

~ Enjoy!

“I’m a Fool to Want You” is a 1951 song composed by Frank Sinatra, Jack Wolf, and Joel Herron.