Daily Practice 4: Modes of Harmonic Minor

In this video I’m working on the modes of C harmonic minor.  I play up and down the 7 scales or modes and I play up and down the 7th chord for each of the modes.  The modes and their corresponding 7th chords can be thought of like this:

1st mode: C minor major 7 b13 (C-Maj7)

2nd mode: D minor 7 b5 b9 nat 13 (D-7b5)

3rd mode: Eb Major 7 #5 nat 11 (Eb Maj7#5)

4th mode: F minor 7 #11 (F-7)

5th mode: G7 b9 b13 nat 11 (G7)

6th mode: Ab Major 7 #9 #11 (AbMaj7)

7th mode: G7 b9 b13 nat 11/B (B dim)

*note that I like to think of the 7th mode as the 5th mode with the 3rd in the bass – or you can think of a diminished with an added nat 3rd.



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