Lesson 18: Long Tones 2

This is a variation of the Long Tone Lesson 16. The 3 step procedure is basically the same:

1. Breath Deep (diaphragmatic breath).

2. Listen actively and relax.

3. Play the long tone (with vibrato)

The difference in this lesson is that instead of playing the note flat, you’ll play the note with vibrato.  You can also play the note flat with vibrato, which produces an eerie sound but helps develop the muscles of the embouchure which I demonstrate briefly toward the end of the video.

Remember, the hardest part of this exercise is to actively listen at the top of the in-breath.  Focus on doing this consistently for every long tone and you should notice positive results in your habits of listening well during live performance.

Try using this 3 step procedure before practicing an idea or phrase, it can help keep you

relaxed and focused as well as helping you listen better and play phrase wise.




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