Lesson 2: Diatonic 4ths

After an inspiring lesson with Larry Goldings, I began working on diatonic fourths through major and melodic minor scales.  I ran into some similar material in Mick Goodrick’s “Almanac of Guitar Voice-Leading” volumes 1through 3.   This simple melodic idea can be played in both a Lydian ( Major 7 #11)  or a Dorian (minor 7) context.  The phrase is fairly easy to hear, sing and play.


I have added some rhythmic displacement to help with synthesis.  I’ve found that playing a melody in a variety of rhythms helps a ” lick” move towards more of an intervallic sequence and allows for a wider range of use.  The exercise is played in Lydian, in Dorian, and displaced rhythmically. Lastly I play the phrase through all the keys (around the circle of fourths). Singing this melody is great ear training and will help tremendously in both using and retaining the phrase.  Remember to stay relaxed, play slowly, listen carefully and take frequent breaks.

~ Enjoy!

Lesson 2: Diatonic Fourths PDF

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