Lesson 22: ii – V – I Chromatic

In lesson 20 and 21 we worked on using chromatics as melodic material over specific harmony.   Continuing along these lines, this exercise is another ii-7 – V7- Imaj7 using the chromatic scale. The melody ascends from the minor 3rd of the ii-7 up to he 5th of the V7 and back down to the 5th of the Imaj7.   For variation, on the Imaj7 we play Imaj to I diminished and back again, I diminished being a fairly common substitution for Imaj. You can break this melody up into two distinct ideas and work on it that way or in it’s entirety. I  worked on singing this melody over a dr0one on the V and on the I and found it fairly challenging. One of the best methods of practice is to alternate between singing the idea slowly rubato and than playing it slowly on your instrument with a metronome. This will really help with the “hearing” of the idea and connecting your voice with your hands.


Lesson 22 ii V I Chromatic PDF



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