Lesson 23: Harmonic Maj

This is exercise works as a supplement to my book “Jazz Vocabulary Vol. 1 Harmonic Major” or on its own.  There are three mp3s for this scale practice below, one at 40bpm, one at 80 bpm and one at 160bpm.  The idea here is to use the mp3’s to listen to and sing along with, while reading the music and visualizing the fingerings on your instrument. This is a great method for practicing scales or melodies through keys.  It works much better than merely playing the scales or melodies on your instrument.  The singing makes it valuable ear training and you learn to hear the material deeply and thoroughly and the visualization of the fingerings makes it nearly identical to actually playing your instrument without any hand/wrist use and without the need of a practice space; you can do this at the gym or the coffee shop.  Also, by singing while visualizing the fingerings on your instrument you are telling your brain to sing through your hands and conditioning yourself to understand your instrument as your voice.


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Modes of Harmonic Major PDF

Modes of Harmonic Major 40 bpm

Modes of Harmonic Major 80bpm

Modes of Harmonic Major 160 bpm

The chords derived from the modes of Harmonic Major in C could be thought of like this:

C Maj7 (b13)

D-7b5 (nat9, nat 13)

E7 (b9, #9, b13 w nat 5th)

F – maj7 (#11, nat 9)

G7 (b9, nat 13,) also works as V7(sus-b9)

Ab Maj7 (#5, #11, #9, nat 13) !

B dim 7 (b9, no maj7)