Lesson 28: My Shining Hour

This is a short etude I wrote over the chord changes to My Shining Hour in concert C.  The etude utilizes a lot of  modern-ish concepts in terms of rhythmic groupings and harmonic/triadic substitutions.  You’ll find several uses of #9 on major, #11 on minor, Maj7 on -7, sequential fourths grouped in 5 or 7, #5 on Maj7, b6 on -7, plus common harmonic tensions and standard melodic material.  There are also several points where the harmony is anticipated or suspended by several beats.  There is an mp3 of the etude (played by midi) that you can listen to and sing along with to get the sound in your ear.  The PDF contains the melodic line and the common chord progression with no analysis.  I encourage singing each of the phrases slowly with a drone or piano accompaniment to help develop the ear and experience the subtleties of the sound.


My Shining Hour Mp3:


My Shining Hour C PDF

My Shining Hour Bb PDF


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