Lesson 43: Diminished

Here’s an intervallic diminished sequence that I wrote while in Leipzig on a short avant-garde tour in the late 90’s.  We had many long days of doing nothing before the sound check and gig so I composed this short melody and put it through the keys to keep myself occupied.  The use of spread triads within the line helps creates a nice intervallic leap.

The melody is played  3 times in each key, each time it is displaced by one triplet (i.e. on the first, second and 3rd triplet of beat one of the bar). The melody is than played through the keys around the circle of 4ths.

In the past, I really enjoyed learning several of  the great diminished sequences from the Nicolas Slonimsky book; mainly the ones that Coltrane made popular on many of his recordings such as Blue Trane.  After that I really wanted to try and come up with a few of my own ideas and build off what I had learned, this melody was one that stuck over the years.


Melodic Diminished Sequence PDF



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