Lesson 70: Etudes

This lesson features several etudes I’ve written over standard chord changes.  Back in the 80’swhile doing an undergraduate degree at Indiana University,  David Baker would make us write out solos over tunes we were Joe Hendersonlearning.  I still use this method to work on a new tune and for private teaching.  Recently I wrote a few of these solo “etudes” out for both students and myself and thought they might be interesting to share.  The first one is based on the chord changes to But Beautiful (Jimmy Van Heusen),  the second is over Falling Grace (Steve Swallow) and the Last one is a linear (step wise motion only) etude over Punjab by Joe Henderson.  The first two etudes use a lot of odd rhythmic groupings similar to those you might find in some of Lennie Tristano’s writing.  You can practice singing the material as well using the midi mp3s below.



But Beautiful Etude mp3

But Beautiful Etude in G (Piano Guitar) PDF

But Beautiful Etude in A (Tenor and Trumpet) PDF

But Beautiful Etude in E (Alto and Bari) PDF


Falling Grace Etude mp3

Falling Grace Etude (Piano Guitar) PDF

Falling Grace Etude (Trumpet Tenor) PDF

Falling Grace Etude (Alto Bari) PDF


Linear Punjab Etude mp3

Punjab Linear Etude (Tenor and Trumpet) PDF

Punjab Linear Etude (Piano and Guitar) PDF

Punjab Linear Etude (Alto, Bari) PDF

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