Lesson 8: ii-V7 using triads

Coming up with interesting ways of improvising over ii-V-I’s can be an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, or a lifetime.  Triadic playing over ii-V’s is one easy way to create strong melodies that outline the progression clearly.  This exercise uses simple triads to create a ii-V7-I melody.  In C (D-7, G7, Cmaj), this melody alternates between a D- triad and an E- triad over the D-7, than over the G7, a C# major triad (the tri-tone substitution) and a G major triad are used. The melody is grouped in three and can easily be displaced rhythmically in triplets or eighth notes to create more variety.  You can use the PDF below or transcribe the idea from the video.  Learning to sing the idea well in tune is great ear training.


Lesson 8 ii V7 using triads PDF



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