New Drones – Arco Bass

I recently recorded new Drones with my good friend Jeff Harshbarger.  Jeff spent an afternoon over at my home studio and recorded all 12 drones with his beautiful acoustic bass and bow.

Jeff Harshbarger

Over the years, I have enjoyed using the Indian classical tambura or tampura drones and thought it would be nice to have some new Drones to practice with using a Bowed Acoustic Bass (arco).

I really enjoy these new drones as the sound of the acoustic bass is both familiar and central to jazz and other forms of western music.

Drones are great for both teaching and practice.  You can use them for ear training, to play scales, chords, melodies, songs, intervals, free improvisation or anything you can think of.

Below is a free drone track (Concert C) you can practice with to get an idea as to how rich and full they sound.  You can support the blog by purchasing the Acoustic Arco Bass Drones below:
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The mp3’s are “zipped” in a RAR file – Once you download them use winrar or 7zip to open the file on PC or RAR Extractor for Mac.

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  1. Mark Ross

    I am a bignners bignners and I would love to buy the drone pkg. I would like it sent to my email if possible because I am on my work computer. Also is this all the major and minor cords on the drone cd. As usual I am just a bit overwhelmed by this task but want to train my ear as well as my hand to get years of pleassure from my instrument.
    Thank you

  2. Otto

    Mark, you can purchase the drones through the blog link – you will receive an email with the download link which you can download to whatever computer you like.
    Matt Otto

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